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March 16 2017

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Nata Metlukh
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March 15 2017

Anatomical Murals of Bisected Animals by Street Artist Nychos

Street artist Nychos paints large murals of bisected animals and humans, large works that allow you to take a peek inside their anatomical structure. These works include extremely detailed bone and vein structures, such as the Tyrannosaurus rex he painted in Oakland, California late last year. Most recently he has been on a tour through Australia where he has made stops in both Sydney and Melbourne to put up works.

Nychos opened a solo exhibition of works on paper with Juddy Roller Gallery in Melbourne during this tour titled Monochrome Organism on March 10. You can see more of his public and canvas-based paintings on his Instagram and Facebook. (via This Isn’t Happiness)

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March 14 2017

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Ooho! is an edible, biodegradable plastic water bottle that can be eaten. It is made from seaweed and calcium chloride, and costs only two cents per orb to manufacture. 


cool, but why?

The main reason is pollution, but I can see this having a lot of application in areas of the world where they can’t necessarily afford to produce water bottles. They’re enormously cheaper to manufacture than water bottles for the same comparable amount of water.

*goes into a bar and orders water orb like A Bug’s Life*

*slams down 50 cents* ORBS ARE ON ME TONIGHT BOYS

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March 13 2017


March 12 2017


Fukushima Radiation: Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over, Or Worse……

When it comes to environmental disasters, the nuclear fallout at Fukushima has to be amongst the worst that has happened in the past few decades. Andrew Kishner, founder of www.nuclearcrimes.org has put together a great resource of information that tracks what has been developing over time in Fukushima as it relates to the nuclear incident. You can check out his research  here

“The heart-breaking news from Fukushima just keeps getting worse… a LOT worse… it is, quite simply, an out-of-control flow of death and destruction. TEPCO is finally admitting that radiation has been leaking to the Pacific Ocean all along. And it’s NOT over… I find myself moving between the emotions of sorrow and anger….
https://youtu.be/cCB_U5hLBoc  ]
It now appears that anywhere from 300 to possibly over 450 tons of contaminated water that contains radioactive iodone, cesium, and strontium-89 and 90, is flooding into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima Daichi site everyday. … [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7UQXfN-J4E  ]
To give you an idea of how bad that actually is, Japanese experts estimate Fukushima’s fallout at 20-30 times as high as as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings in 1945. There’s a lot you’re not being told. Oh, the information is out there, but you have to dig pretty deep to find it, and you won’t find it on the corporate-owned evening news.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jEy2wiV0aM  ]

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Different types of color blindness demonstrated

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March 10 2017

Flatland II: A New Series of Dramatically Skewed Photographic Landscapes by Aydin Büyüktas

Turkish digital artist and photographer Aydin Büyüktas continues his dizzying landscape series Flatland with this new collection of collages shot in various locations around the world. Each image requires around 18-20 aerial drone shots which are then stitched together digitally to form sweeping landscapes that curl upward without a visible horizon. As we’ve noted before, Büyüktas found inspiration in a century-old satirical novel titled Flatland about a two-dimensional world inhabited by geometric figures. You can see more from the series on his Facebook page.

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March 05 2017

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February 27 2017

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the worlds most under appreciated meme is John Kenn pictures with captions

This appeals to my sense of humour far more than any written words can communicate

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June 13 2015


June 09 2015

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June 05 2015


June 04 2015

June 03 2015

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May 29 2015

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There’s a way to stop the ‘tickle’ when someone’s fingers are accosting you.



How neuroscience can help you control your tickling response

Your brain predicts sensations based on your own movements and isn’t surprised when you try to tickle yourself. To combat the tickly feeling when someone else tickles you, cover their hand with yours. 


Your brain can then make predictions about how it’s going to feel, and doesn’t produce the tickle response.


Dr. Emily Grossman explains.

this is important

Also you can punch and/or kick them in the head and firmly establish that they do not have permission to tickle you.

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May 22 2015

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